One Day Series 3 Real Estate Workshop

Available for half day, full day, or evenings

As a real estate agent or investor, the most important element in the marketing of yourself and your services is providing potential clients with reasons to contact and work with you. Today’s ‘instant’ technology can easily work to your advantage, whether you have your own web site or not.


Let our team of local real estate marketing and technical services professionals show you how to make all of the right moves to alert and serve your clients while attracting new ones!

Session One

The Marketing Edge

Whether you have been in the real estate business for 20 years or 20 days, this workshop is designed to enhance your complete marketing and advertising approach.

With today’s technology, there is so much more to growing your business than simply writing a basic property description and e-mailing it to a few clients. At the same time, it doesn’t have to cost thousands of hard-earned dollars to do what it takes to promote your brand along with your properties and/or services.

Keywords? Adwords? E-mail blasts? Landing pages? SEO?

Our team of experts will cut to the chase and show you exactly how and when to use these to grow your business. Along with some new and innovative ways so that you own your marketing campaign!

In this Workshop you’ll learn about:

  • Finding and promoting your best specialty
  • Making each property listing a unique selling proposition
  • Showcasing your “wants” to potential sellers
  • Avoiding the typical real estate advertising and marketing mistakes
  • Monitoring your direct competitors for your own gain
  • Marketing price reductions, open houses, bid taking, partnering

Dave Kohl

Real Estate Marketing

Dave is the Marketing Director of First In Promotions, a Chicago area based marketing and advertising agency serving the real estate community, since its inception in 1992. First In Promotions is the local marketing agency and Publisher for the trade publication REAL ESTATE AGENT MAGAZINE.

Session Two

Grow Your Visibility Online

If you wager your business on a standardized template you risk your listing being one among many. Your web properties are some of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. Make a noise online. Be found in a crowded space. Generate new listings and buyers. Cultivate your existing client base.

Having a digital marketing PR strategy will put you in a better position to sell. The strategy consists of simple steps.

In this workshop we examine:

  • Creating a real estate internet marketing/pr strategy
  • The Digital Acquisition Cycle™
  • Websites and Blogs, where they fit in
  • Settling SEO today, what it really is
  • Integrating pay-per-click into a marketing strategy
  • Making social media work for your marketing
  • How to build lasting momentum with email marketing and a Newsletter

Scott Winterroth

Digital PR

Scott has 10 years of professional experience in marketing communications. Scott established the first social media engagement campaigns for some of Chicago’s top business tourist venues.

Session Three

WordPress Training

WordPress is the user’s software for a professional website. WordPress is a powerful, cost effective publishing platform, if you know how to use it.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What is a standout website?
  • Establishing your online presence as a professional real estate agent
  • Establishing your online presence
  • How your website is a conversation with potential buyers
  • Why blogging is essential for your business
  • Originating a landing page
  • Why you shouldn’t use a standard quick readymade template

Investing time to get the basic skills of WordPress will give you the know-how to take your real estate business where you want it to go.

Joan Margau

WordPress Instruction

Joan started using WordPress in 2006 and specializes in helping people learn how WordPress works. She provides clients with the option to design their site the way they want and helps with writing the content. Writing, Design, and teaching WordPress are Joan’s passions.