Our mission is to assist our clients with the distribution of information and/or educational materials to its intended audience.

You can hire us for any and all phases, whether from start to finish of a series of events to preparing for a five minute presentation to a group. Since our team of professionals brings many years of real estate marketing and social media experience, we can take an active role in both the planning and presentation phases.


Booking & Planning
Visuals – The Presentation
Sponsors / Partners

We have had sponsors hire us to share our proven marketing and advertising techniques to entire real estate offices, agent groups, and with real estate investor groups. The sponsor(s) also get time before and after to address the group.

Such presentations range from networking meeting groups to lunch seminars to half day and full day workshops. Venues range from conference rooms to auditoriums to hotel ballrooms and all points in between.

Real estate offices, agent teams, professional organizations, as well as real estate investor groups and organizations, hire us to instruct on marketing strategies and/or to present content and handle questions from their attendees.

Builders can host groups of agents to present the sales incentives, lenders to provide them with pricing and terms packages, and/or investors to show buy and hold possibilities.

There is more to a successful Real Estate Workshop than what takes place on the day of the event. Our packages include our group helping with publicity and promoting the event, inviting your target audience, handling paid and unpaid registrations, arranging or coordinating with the chosen venue(s), staffing the event, hosting or announcing, and follow up ranging from attendee lists to repeating the process for the next such event.

Let us help you to reach your target audience, whether you are looking to generate immediate business (new property, hiring, contracting, etc.), educate them (specialty loan program, new hires or agents), or train them (social media, marketing, advertising techniques to attract new clients).

Locations for our Workshops are not limited. Yours can be held anywhere from a small office conference room to a restaurant, banquet hall, or hotel ballroom. Better yet, we can hold one or more at a property and/or at a series of locations.

Since the Chicago area is so spread out, we can help you to hold the same workshop in multiple locations (north and south, etc.) on successive evenings, weekends, etc.

You and your business no longer need to train or educate one person at a time. Let us help you to get a group in the same place at the same time.


“The internet is a powerful way to reach new clients and having a solid website is an important part of that equation… This is a workshop that can help you understand on what to do next. “

Bruce Burklow
Managing Broker, Home Builder and Property Manager, Hampshire, IL

“I attended one of Dave’s workshops and found it very informative! He has a lot of experience in marketing real estate, and some great ideas and advice for helping agents stand out when working with clients to buy and sell property.”

Marcia Mack
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“Even after more than 25 years in the business I couldn’t believe how many helpful ideas I got in such a short period of time. We can all use these tips to help with gaining new business and offering more to our existing clients.”

Mike Dew
Oak Tree Construction Services, Shaumburg